Name: Monica Louise Potter (born as Brokaw)
Nickname: Mocky, Mon
Date of birth: 30th June 1971 (Cancer)
Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Height: 5´7" / cca 170 cm
Weight: ???
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Spouse: Tom Potter (divorced), Daniel Christopher Allison
Children: 2 sons with Tom Potter - Liam (younger), Daniel (older)
daughter with Daniel Christopher Allison - Molly Brigid
Profession: actress, model

Monica grew up just off of picturesque Lake Erie in a blue-collar Roman Catholic family. She attended Villa Angela Catholic School for girls.

Her father Paul was the inventor of the first flame-resistant car wax, but never cashed in on the invention's profits, being a salaried inventor. Her mother Nancy was a secretary. While not born with a silver spoon, Monica grew up in a happy family with three other sisters - younger Brigette and Kerry and older Jessica.

Monica first dipped her toe in the ocean of show business back in Cleveland. Her father sent a blossoming 12-year-old Monica's photograph to a local modeling agency, which hired her immediately. Her father was soon driving her all over the Cleveland area for different jobs and interviews. "[My] Dad was everything from my secret agent and manager to my biggest fan."

Her family soon encouraged her to pursue a career as an actress. When she was 18, she moved to Miami, Florida, and landed a job on a children's show that shot in Peru, which she described as the "disaster of disasters". She gave birth to her first child a year later when she was nineteen.

When she was 24, Monica moved on to Hollywood with a small child in tow and another on the way. The first job Monica Potter sunk her teeth into when she arrived in Los Angeles four years ago was chewing gum. But her first role was on the soap opera The Young And The Restless (1994).

Soon she landed a role in the 1996 film Bulletproof, which she followed up with the straight-to-video Richard Grieco and Yasmine Bleeth juggernaut Heaven Or Vegas. For years she was a typical struggling actress in B-films and low-paying jobs.

She had her first break through in 1997's Con Air with actor-turned-hack, Nicolas Cage. She soon landed roles in box-office smashes like Patch Adams and Along Came A Spider and had the chance to look pretty in the Freddy Prinze Jr. flick Head Over Heels. Monica also won critical acclaim in the 1998 film Without Limits about the track star Steve Prefontaine. In A Cool, Dry Place she was an irrensponsible mother (contrast role with her real life).

Her sweet face we can also find in romantic comedies like The Very Thought Of You (aka Martha Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence) and I´m With Lucy.

In 2003 she had to play in Micheal Clancy´s comedy Eulogy, but finally she was replaced by Famke Jannsen. In 2004 plays in CBS TV movie Reversible Errors (with Tom Selleck) and ABC TV series Boston Legal. Actually you can go to cinema on horror/thriller Saw.

What about her private life? She get divorced, but says, that with her ex-husband Tom are good friends. Some time Monica had relationship with frontman of band Counting Crows Adam Duritz. Song "Mrs Potter´s Lullaby" was written about her. Now she has her third baby Molly Brigid - with Chris Allison, an orthopedic surgeon.

Many people compares Monica with Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts - because of their similar noses, smiles :), style of acting...

She routinely puts castor oil on her eyelashes and eyebrows to make them thicker. She's also a strict vegetarian.

Source: internet