FILMOGRAPHY - Head Over Heels

Blessed with a cut-rate deal on a luxurious Eastside apartment, but stuck with four super-thin, super-fabulous roomates, Amanda doesn't know whether to thank her lucky stars or curse her lot in life. Never content to let the ordinary exist, the models immediately enlist Amanda as their experiment in makeover magic, transforming her from just fine to fierce and training her in the fine arts of attitude, accessories and avoidance of paying the cocktail tab. Things really begin to look up as Amanda falls for Jim Winston, the charmer in the building next door, and Jim falls for Amanda right back. He seems to be the fulfillment of Amanda's unanswered prayers... until one night when the girls spy him committing what happens to be a cold-blooded crime. Amanda's life begins to dizzily unspool as she and her four loopy roomies take to the streets of Manhattan as second-rate sleuths to solve the naughty business next door, staying one step ahead of trouble and in step with the latest style.


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