FILMOGRAPHY - Reversible Errors

William H. Macy and Tom Selleck star in this new four-hour mini-series, based on Scott Turow's best-selling novel. The suspense drama revolves around Arthur Raven (Macy), a successful corporate lawyer whose world is turned upside-down when he is assigned to draft the final appeal of a potentially innocent inmate nearing his execution date.

Arthur (Macy) is not happy about having to draft the pro-bono final appeal for the seamy Rommy "Squirrel" Gandolph (Glenn Plummer), who is facing the death penalty after having confessed to a high profile triple homicide seven years prior, but now professes his innocence. However, Arthur's outlook changes after he tracks down the icy Gillian Sullivan (Felicity Huffman), the disgraced former judge who had presided over Squirrel's case, but who was then sentenced to time in prison herself. To Arthur's surprise, the recently paroled Gillian produces a letter she just received from a man admitting to the crime. With help from a reluctant Gillian, Arthur soon finds himself fixated on delving into the details of the original case and unraveling the twisted threads of the horrific crime that may or may not prove his client's innocence.

Meanwhile, Muriel Wynn (Monica Potter), an ambitious lawyer who made a name for herself by prosecuting Squirrel's case, and her former lover, Larry Starczek (Selleck), the original detective on the case, team up once again to defend Squirrel's guilty verdict.

As Arthur, Gillian, Muriel and Larry continue their investigations, what appears to be an open and shut case is in fact only the beginning -- with justice, careers, reputations, and a life, all resting on the outcome.